20-year-old man slashes friend’s palm with a cutlass over GH₵30

Inspector Gilbert Ayongo, who confirmed the incident, said Mr. Emmanuel Appiah, 22, is currently fighting for his fingers at the Fosu Polyclinic.’

According to the Ghanaian Times newspaper, Inspector Gilbert Ayongo, a state prosecutor, disclosed that Emmanuel the victim, demanded his share of GH₵30 money they both worked for, but Ansah refused to give him his part, and this lingered on for two weeks.

He added that the victim, who desperately needed the money, reported the incident to Ansah’s father.

However, Ansah took exception to this and went to the victim’s home armed with a cutlass and attempted to stab the victim in the stomach.

As the suspect pulled the cutlass, the victim seized it with both hands, cutting parts of his fingers.

Ansah fled after wounding the victim but was later apprehended by the Assin Fosu Police Force after receiving a tip-off.

The report added that he will now be charged in court.