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French court orders town to remove statue of Virgin Mary

A French court has ordered a small town to remove a statue of the Virgin Mary, saying the religious display violates the separation of church and state. The statue is located at a crossroads in La Flotte, a municipality of 2,800 inhabitants on the popular holiday island Ile-de-Re, off France’s …

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Prince Harry: Family would never forgive me if I told all

Prince Harry claims he had enough material for “two books”, and did not include some things in his memoir because his father and brother would never forgive him. He told the Daily Telegraph there were some things “I just don’t want the world to know”. He also said he wanted an apology …

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Second batch of classified Biden documents found

US President Joe Biden’s aides have found a fresh batch of classified government records at a second location, in a growing political embarrassment for the White House. The first cache was found at a private office in Washington DC that Mr Biden used after his vice-presidency. The matter is under …

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Crude oil prices inches up to $79.47 per barrel

Crude oil prices surged on Monday January 9, after China, one of the world’s largest economies opened its borders. With China being one of the largest importers of crude oil, the re-opening of their borders led to an increase in demand which pushed the prices of the crude oil from …

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