Shortage of eggs hits Kumasi market

There is shortage in the supply of eggs in Kumasi, amid a proposed 30 percent increase in the price of the nutritional commodity.

Demand for eggs has shot up but supply is low, despite the hike in price..

Wholesalers and retailers of eggs say getting supply from poultry farms has been hectic in recent days.

Poultry farmers are unable to meet demands because they are unable to obtain feed, not to mention its high cost.

Poultry farmers have announced prices will soon go up, but retailers and consumers say prices have already been increased.

Inadequate feed and high cost of doing business are reasons for the hike in price.

A wholesaler, Cynthia Adjei, said they are compelled to pass on cost when poultry farmers increase the price of eggs.

According to her, “any price increase affects sales.” Achiaa, an egg retailer, said “it has been difficult getting eggs to buy.”

Meanwhile, the Bakers Association in Kumasi says hikes in prices of eggs and other essential ingredients would affect the price of bread.


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