NLA to flash out illegal private lotto operators

The Director of Operations at the National Lottery Authority (NLA), Dr George Eric Gyamfi-Osew, has said the authority is taking steps to halt illegal private lottery operations in the country by the end of this year.

That, he said is being done through the implementation of the licensing regime under which those interested in lottery are being made to register with the authority for the necessary permit to be granted before they can do business.

Dr Gyamfi-Osew was hopeful that the move would help the authority to achieve its mandate of generating enough revenue for national development.

The director of operations, who made this known at the launch of an online lottery platform in Accra, said “Illegal lottery is on the rise in Ghana and to sanitise the industry, we need to create a licensing regime where those who want to participate from the private side can register with the authority, gain licence and do genuine business.”


Dubbed “Wulucky”, the platform introduced by Wulucky Lottery Limited allows lotto stackers to do so from the comfort of their homes.

It provides services which include online lottery games such as 6/86 and 5/56, E-kiosk lotto service and instant winnings payout.

The Manager of Wulucky Lottery, Nana Kofi Adjei, said with the advent of the online lotto games, it had become much convenient for people to stake lotto from the comfort of their homes and office without struggling to locate a lotto kiosk.

He said the trend would continue and soon majority of lotto stackers would be patronising online lotto games.

“Wulucky intends to establish a successful online lotto business by building a solid customer database of phone numbers; developing an effective mobile app tool for gathering customer phone numbers and games that will attract the youth and lotto enthusiasts.


Mr Adjei gave an assurance that anyone who patronised Wulucky services would definitely derive huge value for their money, adding that “it is necessary for private companies to venture into the lottery sector to help raise more revenue for the development of the country.”