Heathrow Airport metal detector ‘catches’ Ghanaian who wore 7 clothes to avoid excess luggage fee

To avoid paying for excess luggage charge for overweight items, this Ghanaian passenger who was traveling through the Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom to Accra in Ghana opted to wear seven layers of clothing.

It was the metal detector that drew attention to his layers of clothing.

He explained he had multiple layers of clothing on because of the cold weather, but the security said the excess luggage for overweight charge was a possible reason.

One of the clothing in the layers had a metal button and so the metal detector triggered.

But the security officials could not immediately locate the metal button.

When he was asked why he had three shirts on, his response was “it is the [cold] weather.”

The unusual dressing aroused suspicion and so the security officials took him to a private place for a search.

A more intimate search was conducted in a side room.

With so many layers of shirt on, it was impossible for the security to determine what was setting off the metal detector.

“The weather is too cold” he said repeatedly.

When he was asked if he was flying to Nigeria, he quickly responded, “daabi, daabi, Ghana, I come from Ghana.”

The officials were able to determine that there was nothing sinister setting off the detector rather than metal buttons.

They thanked him for his patience and allowed him to move on.

Source: graphic.com.gh