Ghanaian parent in US calls out school policy that allows children to become LGBT

A Ghanaian parent in the United States of America (USA) has called out a school policy that allows children to become LGBTQ+ with teachers or somebody else in the school system help to make that decision without going through a parent.

He said the policy was going to open a door for “predators who are gradually creeping into the school system to destroy”.

In a video shared on social media, the Ghanaian, who introduced himself as Neil Acheampong at a meeting made a strong case against the introduction of the new policy that disregards the consent of parents in the transitioning of schoolchildren into various transgender groups.


Addressing a local town meeting in Maryland, the founder and head pastor of Family Life Chapel described the policy known as Policy 443 as disturbing.

“There is an issue that actually bothers me about it, and I want to just make that clear if there will be a review of the policy in regards to the fact that asking if my child could be able to be a transgender, and then a school teacher or somebody else in the [school] system could help the child to make that decision without going through the parent is actually disturbing,” he said.

According to him, there is a need for the policy to be reviewed as it takes away the parent’s role as the first line of safety and defence for the child in such an important decision-making process.

“I think that policy needs to be looked at again because if my five-year-old is crossing a street, a parental instinct will be that I will never allow the child to cross the street by herself. Because the first line of safety for a child is a parent, and I believe we need to go back to those basic things,” he stated.

He noted how the consent of parents is sought for things that he described as simple, including the administration of pain medications for children in school, and thus questioned while parents are being taken out in the case of Policy 443.

He said a few weeks ago when his daughter was sick and she needed to be given some pain medication, he was called and made to show up in person to administer the medication himself.

“Sometimes I sign paper work for sun screen, parental consent. Every simple little thing there is parental consent except this. So I am asking myself what is going on here. I see a door that is being opened for predators who are gradually creeping into the school system to destroy. Your good work will be destroyed, so I ask you to go back and look at policy 443.”

“I will always pray for you and trust that you do a good work. But for this one thing, please reconsider and let’s change it. Because we are building a society that ought to thrive tomorrow and not to create kids who are confused,” Pastor Acheampong said.

His statement earned him an applause at the meeting.

Watch the video below


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