Prof. Atuguba speaks on imminent coup in Ghana, E-levy [Full speech]

The Dean of the University of Ghana School of Law, Prof. Raymond Atuguba on February 28, 2022 delivered a lecture at Erata Hotel in Accra under the auspices of SOLIDAIRE Ghana.

The lecture, titled, ‘A Reviewed 1992 Constitution And Its Impact On The Economy Of Ghana: Looking Forward, among other things touched on the need for Ghana to accept and pass the controversial E-levy to prevent economic recession.

He also expressed his fear that Ghana may have a coup on its hands if urgent action is not taken by the state.

“We do not want a coup in this country. Yet I fear that if we do not act quickly, we may have one in our hands very soon,” he said concerning coups.

On the controversial E-levy he said, “The first step is to pass the E-levy immediately and implement it effectively. To prevent the collapse of the economy and a return to the stronghold of the IMF, we have no choice but to pass it… As horrible and wicked as it is, it is the only way to save our economy from collapse in the short term.”

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