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‘Police has asked us to postpone protest against 2022 budget but we won’t’ – Economic Fighters League

The Economic Fighters League has said that the Police have requested them to postpone their planned protest against the 2022 budget on Friday, November, 26, 2021.

Fighter General of the League, Hardi Yakubu said the call was made during a meeting with the Greater Accra Region Police on Monday.

Despite the appeal from the Police, Hardi Yakubu said they will not budge.

He insisted that the posture of the Police is immaterial as the law required them to only notify the law enforcement agency.

“We have notified the Police according to the law and I remind my fellow citizens that we do not require permission from the Police to demonstrate. We have done what the law requires us to do which is to notify them at least five days before.”

“They called us for a meeting today [Monday] we went. As usual, they were asking us to change our date and route and we are not going to accept that request,” Hardi Yakubu told host Evans Mensah on Joy FM’s Top Story on Monday.

He called on all Ghanaians to join in the planned protest to express their dissatisfaction with the policies in the 2022 budget.

“On 26th November, the demonstration is going to happen and we are calling on all Ghanaians to come out in their numbers at Accra Tema Station at 8am. We are marching straight to Parliament House to instruct them to their faces as people that we have employed, to reject the budget because it does not represent our interest”

According to leaders of the Movement, certain aspects of the Budget are inherently “ridiculous”, hence their decision to resent it.

In a statement, they further said that the 2022 Budget smacks of “purposeful deceit” and “the absence of truth and genuine accountability”, a situation the conveners say they will not tolerate.

They are, therefore, imploring the 275 MPs to outrightly reject the 2022 Budget estimates, which were tabled before Parliament on November 17.

“The protest is to register our displeasure at the ridiculous proposals of the 2022 Budget and demand Parliament not to approve the Budget in its current form,” the statement said. The protest is expected to begin from the Tema Station in Accra, near the National Hockey Stadium, after which the protestors will head to the precincts of the Parliament House.

Source: myjoyonline.com

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