Parents besiege Islamic SHS over alleged tear gas opened on protesting students

Scores of parents have besieged the Islamic Senior High School at Abrepo in the Ashanti Region to demand to see their wards following news of an alleged police attack on the students.

The parents are currently locked out behind the school’s gate, as school authorities say they will not allow the parents to see their wards.

Citi News earlier reported that at least 30 students of the school had been rushed to the hospital after police allegedly opened tear gas on them while they were demonstrating over frequent knockdowns in front of the school.

The students of the school were said to have blocked the road in front of their school in the course of their protest prompting authorities to invite the police.

Meanwhile, the school Imam, on behalf of management, said contrary to claims that some students had died, all students are safe and those injured in the process of the confrontation are doing well.

“We are appealing to all parents, no student has died. More than 6,000 children in this school are all alive. The police did not come to kill the children, they didn’t come to beat them. It was just a little issue that brought the police here. Nobody has shot any student. The students fell as a result of fear. The ambulance that came took care of all the students. All the affected children are doing well,” the school imam, who did not mention his name, told parents in the presence of other authorities of the school.

Sheikh Dr. Amin Bonsu, the Chairman of the Ghana Muslim Mission that manages the school, who spoke to Citi News, also said, “This morning I saw the students on the street, and I was surprised. I asked the headmaster, and he said he was not aware of the students’ demonstration. I tried to get the students to go back into the school, but they refused, lamenting over the rampant knockdowns.”

The parents are, however, adamant and are demanding to see their wards, with some threatening to force their way into the school’s premises.