Only vaccinated persons would be allowed to enter government facilities – Health Minister

Students of governments schools must show proof of vaccination to enter classrooms

Government considering policies to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations

Omicorn variant not that serve – Agyemang Manu

Minister for Health, Kwaku Agyemang Manu, has disclosed that although Ghanaians would not be forced to take the COVID-19 vaccination, very soon only fully vaccinated persons would be allowed to enter government facilities.

He said this requirement would take effect as soon as a policy government was considering to mandate COVID-19 vaccination was brought to force.

The minister who made these remarks during a press soiree in Accra said that students in government schools would also be affected by this directive when the implementation of the policy begins.

No student would be forced to get vaccinated but without proof of having taken the COVID-19 jabs, they would not be allowed to enter their classrooms or lecture halls.

Kwaku Ayemang Manu also disclosed that although some cases of the Omicorn variant had been recorded in Ghana, its effects on infected persons was not severe as feared.

He, however, urged the public not to be conceited but should continue to observe the COVID-19 protocols to limit the spread of the virus in the country.

He said that the government was fully focused on ensuring that every person in Ghana who meets the requirement to be vaccinated was to help curb the spread of the virus.

He added that as soon as lots of Ghanaians are vaccinated the government would put in measures to acquire COVID-19 booster shots.


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