NDC solved dumsor – Fifi Kwetey sets the record straight

The General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress, Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, has hit the ground running 48 hours after his election by attempting to set some records straight.

In an interview on the Point of View on Citi TV, the former Transport Minister dismissed claims by the officials of the New Patriotic Party that the power crisis popularly known as ‘dumsor’ that bedevilled the country during the tenure of former President Mahama was fixed by the governing party.

Mr Kwetey said those claims are completely erroneous and must not be entertained by any right-thinking Ghanaian.

“We [NDC] actually solved dumsor, there is no debate about that. It is not even about Dr Donkor, NDC actually solved it. When I hear things about a debate [about dumsor], that tells me that you the journalists are doing a lousy job because you should be able to set the records straight.

“You should do the fact-check for the NPP to run away from even daring to actually claim that dumsor was not solved in 2016.”

The former Ketu South MP also said the NDC will in the coming days expose the president and the various corruption scandals in the last six years.

“This team will be a team that will be setting the records straight, that will be exposing the deception, that will be exposing the degeneration in this government, that will actually expose that this is the most corrupt and depraved government in our history.

“They have a team led by his cousin who is nothing but the embodiment of degeneration and corruption, I think that he is worried that this team is coming to absolutely expose big-time the total moral collapse that we see in our country, collapse not only in the economy but the leadership of this country… So clearly I can see why Gabby will be quaking because what is coming they better get ready,” Mr Kwetey told sit-in host Selorm Adonoo.

Source: citinewsroom.com