I stole to buy cocaine, which led to my father’s death – Reformed Addict

The reformed addict told Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm’s Frontline that his father died after he was imprisoned for stealing a car, selling it, and using the proceeds to feed his addiction to cocaine.

In recounting his ordeal, he revealed that the first car he stole was a Toyota, which was worth Ghc15,000 at the time but he sold it for Ghc4,500.

He told the Rainbow Radio 87.5 FM’s Frontline host, Kwabena Agyapong, that he began using marijuana in senior high school.

He admitted to using cocaine when he was in university.

Annor stated that after selling the car, he did not receive the full amount because the buyer, who was also a drug dealer, paid in installments.

According to Annor, the stealing began at home, where he stole items to sell to buy cocaine.

“I started stealing at home, then moved out and started stealing outside. I stole a car worth GHC 15,000 and sold it for GHC 4,500. When you are addicted to cocaine, it makes no difference what you do; you will steal to satisfy your addiction. The money from the sale of the car was finished in two weeks.”

Even though a CCTV camera was present, the second attempt to steal involved laptops.

He also revealed that he attempted to steal another car but ended up stealing laptops from the car.

The car later turned out to be the property of a BNI official.

He was arrested and led the man to the location where he sold the laptops, which were later recovered.

He claimed that the owner pardoned him and did not want to pursue the case, so he spent a month in prison.

He also admitted to breaking out of a police cell and escaping, which landed him in jail for six months.

He claimed to have done so in order to go out and sniff cocaine because the desire to sniff was strong at the time.