Stranger gifts 11-year-old talented autistic Ghanaian living in the US $15,000 piano

An American piano tuner, Bill Magnusson, has gifted an 11-year-old Ghanaian boy with a grand piano at a cost of $15,000.

Jude Kofie, according to a report by CBS, lives in Aurora, Colorado in the United States of America with his Ghanaian parents.

His father, Isaiah, told CBS that he first discovered his son’s talent about a year and a half ago when he heard a noise coming from the basement of their house.

It turned out that his autistic son had his fingers busy on an old keyboard kept in the basement.

With no history of piano lessons given to his son, Isaiah was motivated to buy his son a larger keyboard to see what he could do.

In his own words, Jude describes his talent as “a miracle.”

Somewhere late in 2022, Bill Magnusson saw a local news story and heard Jude play for the first time.

The piano tuner was equally mesmerised by the boy’s talent as much as he became concerned hearing about the story of his parents who migrated from Ghana and are raising four children, as well as working to send money back home to their family in the West African country.

“What resources are left over to help this special little soul?” Magnusson questioned.

Drawing from his father’s inheritance, Magnusson bought a $15,000 piano — estimated to be worth $45,000 as a gift for Jude.

He has promised to tune the grand piano once every month for his lifetime and has also paid for the 11-year-old to get professional piano lessons.

According to Magnusson, he and the Kofies “are a family now.”

“[For] Somebody to just love your son like that by making sure that his future is secured, we are super thankful,” a grateful father of the 11-year-old told a CBS reporter.