KETASCO marks 70th Anniversary with fun games

Fun games were organised at the El Wak Stadium in Accra last Saturday as part of activities to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Keta Senior High School (KETASCO).

Some of the events organised included Football; Volleyball; Basketball; Table Tennis; a 100 metre and 4 x 100 metre baton race.

Nine Students’ Associations from schools such as KETASCO; Mawuli Senior High; Bishop Herman (BIHECO); Sogakope Senior High (SOGASCO); Saint Paul’s Senior High (SPACO); Tamale Senior High (TAMASCO); Tema Senior High (TEMASCO); Accra Academy (Accra Aca) and Saint Mary’s Seminary Senior High School (SMASCO) participated in the event.

It was organised by the KETASCO Anniversary Planning Committee (APC) and the Interim Management Committee (IMC) with support from

Vanguard Assurance and Magichands Limited. Vanguard offered various insurance packages while Machigands sponsored the event with about six trophies.

The programme was spiced up with cultural music and dance such as borborbor by theVolta Zion Cultural Group.

An array of assorted traditional and local dishes from the Volta Region were also displayed at the event for patrons to enjoy.

The Chairman of the APC, Lawrence Avevor Morlemetor welcomed the participants and explained that one of the main aims of organising the event was to know the leadership of the various Past Students Associations, fraternise and to network with them.

That he said would help to mobilise all the members to support their respective Alma Mater.

He observed that although nine out of the 13 past students’ association that were invited turned out for the games, it was largely successful and impactful.

KETASCO was opened on Friday, February 27, 1953,by its first Headmaster, Nathan Quao. The school started in a rented room at the home of the Kudjawu family, at Dzelukofe.

KETASCO’s pioneer class was made up of just twenty-five students, comprising seventeen boys and eight girls, all accommodated within one class or a single stream.

Today, from the pioneer class of 25 students, KETASCO has grown into a large and formidable institution of learning taking care of the education of some four thousand five hundred (4,500) students.

Coincidentally, the school was founded soon after the “Anloga Riots” of January 1953, when the people of Anloga revolted against the imposition of an unfair tax by a newly-elected local council, operating under the British colonial administration.