Arthur Kennedy ‘weeps’ for “Our Broken Ghana”, urges accountability and reform

Medical practitioner and one-time presidential candidate aspirant of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Arthur Kobina Kennedy, has penned a heartfelt message expressing his deep concerns about the state of Ghana’s governance.

In a thought-provoking message titled “Our Broken Ghana,” he urges fellow Ghanaians to reflect on the challenges the nation faces.

Dr. Kennedy began by quoting Cato, “Rome’s last Citizen,” to emphasise the importance of virtues, integrity, and the well-being of the public in a society.

He then delved into interviews conducted by AFRICAWATCH magazine with former President John Mahama and Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng, and drew the caution that Ghana is under destruction.

“Our Ghana is being destroyed before our eyes. This month’s issue of AFRICAWATCH magazine contained interviews by editor Steve Mallory with 2 very important Ghanaians on the state of our nation and its prospects.”

In the interviews, former President Mahama expressed concerns about the deteriorating state of various aspects of life in Ghana, including healthcare, education, infrastructure, and the economy.

He is quoted to have asserted that lives have not improved and that the nation is in crisis. He also claimed to have been vindicated vis-à-vis the ‘web of lies’ that were told about him while he served as president of Ghana, for which he expected vindication in the future but which has come too soon, and stressed the urgency of addressing these issues.

Professor Frimpong-Boateng for his part, raised serious allegations related to the Galamsey crisis and the potential swindling of Ghana’s resources.

He is also quoted to have disclosed that he had rejected a $5 million bribe intended to secure the approval of an $88 million judgment debt, thereby exposing possible corruption schemes involving high-ranking government officials.

“Think about it. One judgment debt, negotiated quietly for 88 million USD! How many such deals have been done in the name of loot-and-share? President Biden is being investigated over allegations that he took USD 20 million over 8 years as VP! How much did they pay for the media silence?”

Dr. Kennedy noted the silence and lack of accountability from various quarters in response to these serious allegations and questioned the commitment to protecting the public purse and the fight against corruption, emphasising the need for transparency and accountability.

He lamented the silence of President Nana Akufo-Addo, the Attorney General, the Special Prosecutor, and the media in addressing these allegations.

Dr. Arthur Kennedy expressed nostalgia for the days when newspapers and prominent figures fearlessly exposed wrongdoing in Ghana and demanded accountability.

He also called upon religious leaders and organisations to hold those in power accountable, referring to a proverb that suggests that silence in the face of wrongdoing can lead to further ruin.

He urged Ghanaians to unite and work toward saving the nation from its current challenges.

Dr. Kennedy expressed his unwavering concern for the state of the nation and concluded with a call for national unity, invoking Ephraim Amu’s patriotic lyrics and a prayer for the betterment of Ghana.

“We must sing ‘Yen Ara asase ni’ and save Ghana or see Nkrumah’s prophesy, “If change is denied, or too long delayed, violence will break out.”’

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