We’re not a ‘deaf village’ – Adamorobe residents dismiss misconceptions about their town

Adamorobe, nestled between Aburi and Oyibi in the Eastern Region has long been labelled the “deaf village.”

In the past, numerous stories emerged about the perceived uniqueness of the town, attributing it to the belief that a significant portion of its residents are individuals with hearing impairments, with their distinctive ways of life.

However, the reality on the ground seems to diverge significantly from this widely held perception.

In an interview with JoyNews, some chiefs of the town expressed their discontent with being exploited for stories and labelled as “the deaf village.”

One chief remarked, “As you can see, the perceptions aren’t true. This challenge is also part of God’s creation. People who have hearing impairment conditions exist in every town. Those with the challenge are just a few here, so if people still call us a deaf village, it is disheartening.”

He added, “Even the visually impaired were made by God; it is somewhere in the Bible. It is the same as the hearing-impaired, and they are everywhere, as I said earlier, and you can bear me witness.”

Another emphasised that the town is not exclusively inhabited by those with hearing impairments, and they have all the amenities and institutions found in other towns, including schools.

He clarified that there is a special school for the hearing-impaired in Mampong, and dispelled the notion that their town lacks essential facilities.

Several residents also shared their disappointment with the prevailing perception. One resident challenged the stereotype, stating, “It is false, the perception people have about this town. ”

“Those of us without the condition outnumber the hearing-impaired. It is not every woman who can give birth to a baby who can talk, so if they say we’re deaf, they are not telling the truth.”

Another long-time resident refuted the misconceptions, saying, “I have lived here for about 13 years. Those with hearing impairment are not even many in this town. They are just a few, and we live with them in harmony.

“It is not true the things people say about this town. This town is just like every other town. It is not a deaf town.”

Explaining the reluctance of those with hearing impairment to interact with the media, a resident named Kwame mentioned past exploitation and the dissemination of inaccurate stories.

“We have roamed and you can bear me witness that none of the hearing-impaired will speak to us. They refrain from engaging with the media due to past exploitation and the dissemination of inaccurate stories that have misrepresented them,” he said.

The people of Adamorobe, who still face neglect, are calling for a change in the narrative and equitable development of their community.

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Source: myjoyonline.com