Video of alleged ‘galamsey’ men in gun battle with authorities emerges on social media

A video making rounds on social media show men believed to be involved in illegal mining in a gun battle with authorities at Asam Tamfoe.

Although the details of what led to the scary shooting are unknown, men wielding firearms could be seen in the video shooting at some individuals.

One Twitter user alleged that the gunshots were between Galamsey Taskforce and ‘galamseyers’.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested 16 suspects over a shooting incident.

A statement from the police said, “one pump action gun, two excavators, two water pumps and a battery” have been retrieved.

“Efforts are underway to arrest the remaining suspects and retrieve any other weapons in their possession,” the statement said.

According to the police, the viral video of the shooting incident is being reviewed as part of an investigation to bring the perpetrators to face justice.