Top Ghanaian journalist speaks after Aker Energy bribery scandal

He admitted to working for Norwegian oil company; Aker Energy Ghana Limited although he debunked suggestions that he was paid some over one hundred and twenty-five dollars ($125, 281.21) for media consultancy.

According to him, publications by the Herald portal that suggest that he was involved in some form of corruption through his Media company – EXCOMsult Media are ‘old fabricated claims’ which are targeted at chipping away his reputation and credibility.

The Herald had earlier published that some $125,281,21 was given to EXCOMsult Media by Aker Energy in order to pay pressmen and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to bribe them such that they avoid questioning attempts by Aker Energy and the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) to go into a $1.6 billion transaction.

Per the report, Aker Energy had engaged Evans Mensah from January 1, 2022 to December 2022 implying that he has received more than the stated amount.

But in a statement to clarify issues, Evans Mensah noted that he worked for Aker Energy Ghana through his company; EXCOMsult Media which he’s a proprietor of.
According to him, the media firm has provided consulting services for various organisations including Aker Energy since 2019; information he has openly disclosed even on his professional LinkedIn profile.

Evans Mensah noted that contrary to claims that his company has been paid some monies, including some $125,000 are false and grossly exaggerated.

To reiterate this, he noted that all individuals whom the report alleged have been bribed have since issued public statements to deny any such thing.

He also denied having to ‘kill stories’ regarding the said deal between Aker Energy and GNPC, while urging the report to be treated with contempt.

Read his full statement below: