The stories of slavery must be told – US Vice President after visiting Cape Coast Castle

US Vice President, Kamala Harris has been emotional after walking the dark dungeons of the Cape Coast Castle in Ghana.

In an address to the press on Tuesday, after she passed through the last point from which many enslaved Africans were shipped to the Americas, Kamala Harris urged that the stories of the struggles be told.

This, she explained, is because the people’s experiences and survivals tell a story of endurance, faith, and believing in what is possible.

“In often, many situations – odds that were designed to break them, to demoralise them to create, existence in situations that were to make them feel like less than humans, less than full human beings but yet they survived. And they tell another history – a history of endurance, a history of faith, believing what is possible.

“A history not only tells about the ability that each individual has to survive but to thrive. And so all these stories must be told,” she stated.

She continued “All these stories must be told in a way that we take from this place, the pain we all feel the anguish that reeks from this place.

“And we then carry the knowledge that we have made gained here toward the work that we do in lifting up all people in recognising the struggles of all people fighting for as the walls of this place.”

She stated that what remains after the visit is justice and freedom for all people, as well as human rights for all people.

According to her, the “descendants of the people who walk through that door were strong people, proud people.

“People of deep faith. People who loved their families, their traditions, and their culture. And carried that innate being with them.”

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