The Board of Directors of the Duamenefa Foundation Honored by a Study Abroad Project Mentees

In a momentous Duamenefa Regional Tournament event that unfolded on Sunday, September 30, 2023 at about 11:00 AM GMT in Dzodze, Volta Region, Ghana, sixteen ambitious mentees, (Cohort 1) from the Foundation’s Study Abroad Program chosen to embark on a transformative journey towards earning their master’s degrees at the prestigious Rutgers-Camden Graduate School in the United States, presented a citation of appreciation to the Board of Directors.

The mentees presented a heartfelt citation to the Foundation’s board of directors was a poignant recognition of the immense progress achieved by the sixteen scholars on their educational journey. It served as an emotional testament to their dedication, resilience, and the transformative impact that the Duamenefa Foundation’s Study Abroad Program has had on their lives. This citation not only symbolized their gratitude but also underscored the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and fostering academic excellence among the youth, a commitment that continues to illuminate the path toward a brighter future for these aspiring scholars.

Felix Abusah, the first beneficiary of the program who is currently a student at Rutgers-Camden pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration who is privileged to facilitate the program, said the Foundation’s commitment and passion for empowering the youth through education motivated him to become part of the cohort 1.

Mr. Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe, the Executive President and Rev. Diane W Westcott, a minister of God and the International Operations Director on behalf of Foundation played crucial roles in shaping the futures of these aspiring scholars. With a wealth of experience and a shared passion for education and community development, they brought invaluable expertise to the mentorship program.

Mr. Evortepe, known for his unwavering commitment to empowering youth, drew on his deep understanding of academia and community dynamics. He ensured that the mentees received the guidance and support needed to navigate the complexities of the application process, visa requirements, and the challenges of studying abroad. While Rev. Diane W Westcott, a seasoned minister of God, a professional in international education, complemented the team with her expertise in scholarship acquisition and visa procedures. Diane insights into the intricacies of studying overseas provided the scholars with essential tools to overcome potential obstacles on their academic journey.

Together, Emmanuel and Diane, formed a dynamic duo, offering mentorship that extended far beyond academics. They instilled confidence, fostered personal growth, and nurtured the aspirations of these young minds. Their commitment to the Duamenefa Foundation’s mission to promote peace and reconciliation was exemplified through their dedication to shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. Their guidance ensured that these sixteen scholars were not only academically prepared, but also equipped to make a lasting impact in their communities and beyond.

The Duamenefa Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization, boasts a remarkable membership of over 36,000 dedicated individuals as of September 12, 2023. This diverse and passionate community was united by a common mission—to foster peace and reconciliation within their communities. The foundation’s very name, “Duamenefa,” drawn from the Ewe language, encapsulated their core message: “LET US CO-EXIST IN PEACE.” This noble cause found expression not only through their extensive membership but also through an impactful intervention radio program that broadcasted on Fafaa 100.3 FM every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Moreover, their reach extended to Justice FM 98.5 in Tamale, Swiss FM 93.7 in Ho, Sand City Radio FM 88.9 in Keta, and Messiah TV via Amos 17. The Duamenefa Foundation’s dedication to promoting peace and unity was truly commendable and reflected their commitment to making a positive difference in communities across Ghana and beyond.

Story by: Felix Abusah, Email: