Support visually impaired teachers through policy initiatives – Blind teachers to gov’t

The Blind Teachers Association has asked the government to support them through policy initiatives.

In its statement to mark this year’s World Teachers Day, the Association said that such policy initiatives could involve creating specialized training programs, providing accessible teaching resources, and ensuring equal opportunities for career advancement.

The Association underscored that the Ghana Education Service (GES) should therefore critically consider qualified and competent visually impaired teachers for the positions of headteachers and district directors.

“Visually impaired educators should also be considered in their promotions and must be contacted before transfers are effected,” it added.

Again, the Association indicated that investing in the continuous professional development (CPD) of visually impaired teachers would enhance their skills and expertise.

“Workshops and seminars focused on inclusive teaching methods and assistive technology can significantly benefit both visually impaired educators and learners in general.”

“The National Teaching Council, NTC should consider the special needs of visually impaired teachers and student teachers in the CPD programmes, workshops and the teacher licensure examination,” the Association opined.

More so, it said that partnerships between educational institutions and organizations specializing in visual impairment could facilitate the sharing of best practices, resources, and expertise.

“Such collaborations can lead to the development of innovative teaching strategies and materials,” the Association added.

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