Spanish Embassy planning to bless same sex marriage in Ghana – Sam George alleges

Ghana would not succumb to this atrocious attempt to change our cultural identity.

Spanish Embassy pushing to legalize LGBTQ+ bill, Sam George

Anti-LGBTQ+ before parliament

Member of Parliament Ningo-Prampram, Same Nartey George has alleged that the Spanish embassy is seeking to bless same-sex marriages in Ghana.

According to him, this was found in a letter written by the embassy to the ministry of Foreign Affairs & Regional Integration, Ghana.

He indicated that even though the foreign Ministry’s position is in line with  Ghana’s culture, traditional and current position of our laws, he wonders why the Spanish Embassy was not pushing its agenda in other African countries.

In a Facebook post, he said, “dear Spanish Embassy in Ghana, I am currently on an official assignment outside the jurisdiction. I would be addressing your letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & regional Integration, Ghana indicating your intent to bless same-sex marriages in Ghana. Be minded that you are simply guests of our Country.

“I am well informed that the position of the Ministry is in line with our culture, traditions and current position of our laws. I wonder why you are not pushing your perverse agenda in Togo, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast.”

He reiterated that Ghana will not succumb to any attempt by any country to force same-sex marriage on the country.

“Ghana would NOT succumb to this atrocious attempt to change our cultural identify. This should be a wakeup call to all who say the Bill currently before Parliament is not necessary and that the intent of our antagonists are “harmless”.