Rising chieftaincy disputes threaten Ghana’s democratic stability – Kan-Dapaah

Albert Kan-Dapaah, the Minister for National Security, has expressed deep concern over the rising incidents of chieftaincy disputes and landguard activities, describing them as significant threats to Ghana’s democratic stability.

Kan-Dapaah’s apprehension follows the tragic death of Lance Corporal Michael Danso during a conflict over land ownership at Millenium City at Gomoa East.

Mr. Kan-Dapaah believes that chieftaincy disputes, in particular, pose a persistent challenge to internal security and require urgent and decisive action.

Speaking at the 2024 Civil Service Week and 2023 Awards Ceremony in Accra, he underscored the need for sustained efforts to address these issues effectively to avert future occurrences.

“Let me say that chieftaincy disputes, in particular, remain a thorny internal security threat that must be permanently dealt with. It is interesting to note that chieftaincy disputes constitute a significant portion of the daily situational reports that are received by my ministry.

“The potential for such chieftaincy disputes to degenerate into violent confrontations compels us to constantly dedicate considerable amounts of resources to the mitigation of such threats. And these are resources that would have been channelled into other productive sectors of the economy.”

Source: citinewsroom.com