Repent, change from your evil ways – Former traditional priestess Agradaa preaches

Former fetish priestess, Nana Agradaa now Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng

Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng (Mama Pat) has admonished Christians in Ghana to seek God diligently by doing away with things of the world.

The former fetish priestess, now a born-again Christian, has commenced preaching the word of God as earlier pledged. Formerly known as Nana Agradaadon’te, she has called on sons and daughters of God to put their trust in Him, adding that Mallams, fetish priests and fake men of God are leading believers astray through their message of prosperity.

Speaking in a live sermon on Today’s TV owned by the evangelist, she called on all believers to run to God for salvation for the end time is near. “Repent from your evil ways, every young man, woman watching me, repent from your evil ways. Be renewed by God’s word, read Matthew 3:2. The Bible tells us to repent for the kingdom of God is near.

“You might be listening to me from your home, office or your car, but you are not thinking about the end… don’t wait for temptation, problems before you run to God for salvation,” Mama Pat admonished. She furthered: “This is the time for you to repent, this is the right time. Save yourself from the ways of Satan, you are facing problems because you are still living in sin.

Stop visiting Mallams and fetish priests for a solution to your sickness. Some of you have visited pastors for help. When we go under your bed, we will find products all in the name of ‘prophetic direction’. Because you are looking for marriage, a job, cars and mansions, you are visiting pastors but when you die, that is the end. God is telling you that money and riches belong to Him.”

Nana Agradaa back in April, set fire to her deities, following an encounter with God and also adopted her new name ‘Evangelist’. Her repentance caused a stir on social media with many doubting if the fetish priestess has truly seen the light.

A section of the Ghanaians who have reacted to this say Mama Pat cannot be trusted with others suggesting that her actions are a mockery to God.

Kofi Mega commented: “After making all your money in the darkness you are here talking about The light?” Another, Abigail Mensah wrote: “Isn’t life funny it takes a born-again Christian ages to actually understand the things of God just became Christian yesterday you are preaching hahahaha life is indeed funny stop joking with things of God.

“Kojo Adje also wrote: “So finally this woman has changed the level of stealing.”

Watch the video below: