Rainstorm rips off roofing of over 20 public schools in Volta Region

The recent heavy rainfall in the Anlo Constituency of the Volta Region has wreaked havoc on several public Senior High Schools and basic schools, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

The roofing of structures in seven Senior High Schools and 18 basic schools were torn off by the storm, exposing students and non-teaching staff to harsh weather conditions and disrupting academic activities in the affected schools.

During a visit to the schools, the head of Anlo SHS, Wisdom Adeti, expressed the urgent need for government intervention to address the pressing issue.

Mr. Adeti highlighted the devastation caused by the rainstorm, with crucial facilities such as the ICT lab, physics lab, and dining halls being severely damaged.

The headteacher also emphasised the need for support to repair the infrastructure and ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff.

“Currently we have a windy rainstorm that has caused a devastation to the structures o have in the school. Currently my ICT lab, physics lab, visual art lab, and other buildings have been ripped off. The most serious one is my kitchen and temporal dining hall built for since 2012 for that fact they the actual dining hasn’t been completed.’’

Students themselves joined the call for assistance, emphasising the significant damage caused by the storm and appealed to the government for aid.

The Municipal Chief Executive for the Anloga District Assembly, Seth Yormewu, highlighted the severity of the situation and stressed the need for intervention from the Ministry of Education to effectively address the damage.

“It’s not easy. I’ve not seen some before especially on public schools. When you go to VOLTASCO, it’s one of the new senior high schools in my district and because of the rain, all the roofs are ripped off. When you go to Anlo SHS and other public schools. The damage is so huge that the assembly alone cannot afford it.

“So that’s why we are appealing to the philanthropist if they come to our aid and support us with roofing sheets and anything. We are also appealing to the Ministry of Education. “

Member of Parliament for Anlo, Richard Kwami Sefe, pledged efforts to initiate parliamentary procedures to garner support from the education minister to aid the affected schools.

Mr. Sefe expressed his commitment to addressing the issue promptly and ensuring that necessary assistance is provided to rebuild the damaged structures and support for the affected schools.

“I’m thinking as soon as we are recalled to parliament, I’ll post an urgent question, especially with the Anlo SHS issue. Because that one is virtually finished so what’s holding the contractor up I think the minister will be in the position to answer that.”

Source: citinewsroom.com