The Social Intervention program of the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM Dzodze in the Volta Region of the Republic of Ghana has succeeded in saving a pregnant woman from the threats of death during delivery.

The pregnant woman, Madam Kafui Awayi of Awayikorpe, Kuli Traditional area of Dzodze was allegedly threatened by the former baby father Mr. Jamaica Zigah, popularly called Jagay, of Tegbeti within the same traditional area of Dzodze.

Madam Awayi who was the baby mother to Mr. Jagay claimed she had a misunderstanding with Jagay over the sum of Ghc 700.00 given to her by one herbal product marketer by the name Mr. Gawoenamake. She further claimed that she handed over the money to the baby father and reported Gawoenamake to Mr. Jagay, who confronted Gawoenameke on phone as to why he tried to lure the wife with that amount of money.

When Fafaa FM contacted Mr. Gawoenamake to respond to this allegation, he answered by saying, he didn’t know Madam Kafui was a married woman hence he offered her the money to start a relationship, he further claimed that pregnant women and lactating mothers are not free from being pursued for a relationship by other men. When asked to retract such a statement in the public interest Gawoenamake reluctantly claimed he could, but he is a busy man.

This incident and other domestic squabbles led Madam Kafui to part company with Jagay. She later got pregnant for another man in a locality nearby. This action infuriated Jagay who swore with threatening words of invocation thus:  “YOU CANNOT DELIVER THIS BABY. YOU MUST BE OPERATED UPON AND YOU WILL DIE TOGETHER WITH THE BABY”.

Togbi Avorkliya V, the Divisional Chief of Dzodze Kuli tried to mediate and reconcile the two parties and to order the reversal of the curse, but Mr. Jagay failed to honor Togbi’s invitation for arbitration. Madam Awayi further reported Mr. Jagay to the Dzodze Divisional Police for the threat.

According to Madam Awayi, the hospital scanning results further proves that she had developed complications and needed to undergo an operation. This confirmation from the St. Anthony’s Hospital scan report compelled her to petition the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM for investigation and intervention to save her life from the intended diabolical invocations of the former baby father.

The timely intervention of the Duamenefa Foundation coupled with Christian prayers for her deliverance and safe delivery yielded the desire results. Madam Awayi delivered a bouncy baby girl through safe delivery without an operation as allegedly claimed by the former baby father and the hospital authorities.

This successful intervention has brought to 577 lives saved by the Duamenefa Foundation.

The Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM is a Christian based NGO whose mandate among others, is to investigate hitherto antagonistic spiritual and diabolical conflicts, through collaboration with lawful agencies to reconcile the parties and to promote peaceful coexistence of people within the various communities of its catchment area.

The Foundation now has 30,550 volunteers scattered across the various communities with the mandate to promote peaceful coexistence.

Source: / News editor in chief

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