Our daughter has been kidnapped by government – Family of ‘The New Force’ spokesperson

Parents of Shalimar Abbiusi, the 30-year-old Belgian woman known for her role as the spokesperson for the emerging political group “The New Force,” have accused government of kidnapping thier daughter after her arrest by the Ghana Immigration Service on charges related to immigration offenses.

A video shared by the political group on social media shows Abbiusi’s alleged parents, tearfully pleading for the release of their daughter.

The mother is heard in the video saying “They kidnapped my daughter; she did nothing wrong,” while the supposed father adds, “She is not a criminal… the government should give my daughter back.”

However, the Ghana Immigration Service has offered a different perspective on the situation.

According to official statements, Abbiusi’s arrest was a result of an ongoing inquiry into her immigration status in the country.

The Immigration Service explained that they took notice of her activities, especially her role as the spokesperson for “The New Force” after an invitation by the Head of the National Enforcement Section at the Immigration Headquarters to address concerns regarding Abbiusi’s immigration status.

Investigations revealed that she had arrived in Ghana on September 4, 2017, through the Kotoka International Airport and had been a frequent visitor until 2018. During this time, she claimed residency as a student at the Ghana Christian University College.

However, the college has confirmed that Abbiusi had never been enrolled as a student, and the documents submitted to support her residence permit application were found to be forged.

In light of these findings, Abbiusi now faces charges related to immigration offenses. She has been arraigned before the court and remanded into Immigration custody pending further legal investigations.


Source: ghanaweb.com