OPIT introduces international distance-learning IT degrees to Africa

Open Institute of Technology (OPIT), a European-accredited Higher Education institution under the European Qualification Framework (EQF), has launched two online Degrees in Information Technology for students and professionals in Africa and across the world.

These degrees, which include a BSc in Modern Computer Science and an MSc in Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (AI), are designed to cater to the needs of students and professionals in Africa and worldwide.

OPIT is set to commence its inaugural academic year in September 2024 and is currently accepting registrations for these specialized courses.

The institution’s leadership is particularly enthusiastic about offering accessible, top-tier technology education to students in emerging markets such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and beyond.

The online degrees provided by OPIT aim to arm graduates with the necessary skills to thrive in the rapidly evolving technology sector across Africa.


OPIT’s BSc and MSc programmes also hold full accreditation from the EU, having received approval from the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA).

The institution, founded by Riccardo Ocleppo (founder of Docsity) and Prof. Francesco Profumo, aims to address the inefficiencies of the traditional education system by focusing on practical competencies and preparing students to add real value to businesses from day one.

It stands out for its practical, hands-on approach, boasting a faculty comprising seasoned academic professionals and industry experts. Students can anticipate comprehensive IT skills training and tailored career guidance to help them excel in the dynamic technology landscape.

Professor Profumo, co-founder and rector of OPIT, in a statement, underscored the significance of equipping graduates with the abilities needed to meet the demands of contemporary companies.

He highlighted the existing misalignment in the job market between university teachings and industry expectations, emphasizing the necessity for a more pragmatic educational approach.

“Companies require skilled individuals who can develop and implement innovative solutions to complex problems. From software engineering to data analysis and machine learning, a degree in Computer Science and AI equips graduates with the skills needed to thrive in this dynamic industry.”

“The starting point for OPIT is the awareness of the misalignment in the labour market, between what is taught by universities and what companies are looking for today. That so-called mismatch is generated by too much theory and too little practical approach”, he added.

Source: citinewsroom.com