Nogokpo vs Agyinasare: National Peace Council denies bribery allegation; demands retraction and apology

The National Peace Council (NPC) has confronted Nufialaga Mawufemor Kobla Nornyigbey, the spokesperson of the Nogokpo Traditional Council, for alleging that certain chiefs involved in mediating the dispute between Perez Chapel Founder, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, and Nogokpo, were influenced by bribes from the Council.
Media reports on Thursday, October 26, circulated Nornyigbey’s claims that Torgbiga Adamah III, the Paramount Chief of Some Traditional Area and President of the Some Traditional Council, had been compromised after a visit from the NPC.

Additionally, Nornyigbey advocated for the dissolution of the NPC, asserting that the Council’s actions did not align with the pursuit of peace.

But the NPC swiftly dismissed Nornyigbey’s assertions, labelling them as “not only false and unsubstantiated but totally unconscionable.”

In a counter-statement, the Council clarified that it had engaged all pertinent parties to facilitate a peaceful resolution to the conflict that arose from Agyinasare’s characterization of “Nogokpo as the demonic headquarters of the Volta Region” in May 2023.

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According to the Council, it initiated discussions with the Chief of Nogokpo, Torgbi Saba V, on June 5, 2023, and provided him with a “conflicts complaint form,” which he completed and returned on June 9, 2023.

Furthermore, the NPC disclosed that an eight-member delegation of the NPC met with the Some Traditional Council on June 29, 2023, led by Torgbiga Adamah III and his 13-member Traditional Council team, which included Torgbi Saba V of Nogokpo and Torgbi Atsu-Gledza of Nogokpo-Agbakofe.

The NPC clarified that Nufialaga Mawufemor Nornyigbey was not present at the meeting, which was conducted in an open area with over twenty attendees. The Council firmly refuted any claims of a private or separate meeting with Torgbiga Adamah III.

Consequently, the NPC called on Nufialaga Mawufemor Nornyigbey to “retract and apologise for his false and damaging statements.”

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