NADMO warns of looming danger; demands demolition of old Foreign Affairs structure

The National Disaster Management Organisation, NADMO, is calling for the demolition of the old Foreign Affairs Ministry building located near the Tema Station in Accra.

The 10-storey structure has been left unattended to for the last twelve years after fire swept through it on October 21, 2009.

According to the NADMO, the structural integrity of the edifice has been compromised.

Speaking to Citi News, Director of Communication of NADMO, George Ayisi, said it would be best to pull down the building to forestall any disaster.

“NADMO is concerned about the looming danger the building poses, especially with human activities going on in that perimeter. God forbid, but if anything untoward happens, it is going to be disastrous.”

“We know that the integrity of the building has been compromised and no engineer will advise that we keep it.”

The structure, which shares a compound with the Accra Regional Passport Office, near Tema Station, caught fire on October 21, 2009, and has since been a safe haven for animals while plants have grown in them.