Medical and Dental Council to regulate medical school admissions

The Ghana Medical and Dental Council (GMDC) Board says it would give quotas for medical school admissions to help regulate admissions and ensure quality training is not compromised.

The Chairman of the GMDC Board, Prof Paul Kwame Nyame made this known in a speech read for him at the 12th White Coat ceremony of the University of Cape Coast School of Medical Sciences in Cape Coast at the latter part of last year.

He said the council was working on giving unique quota related numbers to the medical schools that would be assigned to students from their first year.

He said that any student without the unique number assigned from the MDC could not graduate.

This year’s White Coat ceremony saw 116 medical students of the robed.

The ceremony involves the symbolic robing of medical students to usher them into the clinical phase of training.

The students two batches of students including 62 who started first year and 54 other graduates who joined them later were robbed

Prof Nyame said the GMDC was committed to ensuring that medical practitioners that were churned out were of high calibre that would promote the quality of health services in the country.

Develop virtues

He advised to the students to build virtues of honesty, truthfulness, purity, love, care and altruism with professionalism if they would excel in the profession.

He further urged them treat patients with respect and love like they would treat their family saying a lot of litigation between between medical practitioners and patients could be avoided if medical practitioners exhibited professionalism and integrity.

He further advised them to tap into experiences and seek life long learning and knowledge saying medicine was fast expanding.

In an address on his behalf by Prof Isaac Gaylon, Provost of the College of Distance Education, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, Professor Johnson Nyarko-Boampong urged the medical to be innovative and community focused and disciplined and demonstrate attitudes that would sell the image of the university wherever they found themselves.

Sense of discipline

He urged them to have a high sense of discipline and work and dedication to make positive makes in the health facilities.

Prof Nyarko-Boampong said the UCCSMS had trained a total of 506 doctors saying it would continue to ensure its products of high standards.

He called for the completion of infrastructure projects for the schools which have stalled and fir support for the university’s endowment fund.

The Provost of the College of Health and Allied Sciences of UCC, Professor Martins Ekor indicated that the white coat should inspire them to excellence and reflect the virtues of their heart.