Medical and Dental Council to introduce common registration exams for local, foreign trained practitioners

A total of 327 newly qualified doctors and dentists have been inducted into the Ghana Medical and Dental Council.

From seven different universities across Ghana – the Accra College of Medicine, Family Health Medical School in Accra, University for Development Studies, School of Medicine in Tamale, University of Cape Coast, School of Medical Sciences, University of Ghana Dental School, University of Ghana Medical School and University of Health and Allied Sciences, School of Medicine in Ho, they were inducted on Saturday, December 23 2023.

“We are gathered here this morning to induct into the profession three hundred and twenty-seven (327) medical and dental practitioners,” the Registrar of the Medical and Dental Council, Dr Divine Banyubala said,

Dr Banyubala urged the new medical professionals to be aware of their responsibility knowing that their transition from yesterday’s students to professionals today implied that human lives were now being directly entrusted in their care.

“Inductees, what this means is that from today, a greater responsibility in the care of the patients will be laid at your feet as you take the role of frontline professionals. This role literally includes the responsibility to decide between life and death.”

“It is therefore, important that having met the basic training requirements, the Medical and Dental Council which supervised your basic training, formally admits you into the profession, registers you and regulates your pre-registration practice commonly referred to as Housemanship,” he added.

Dr Divine Banyubala – Registrar, Medical and Dental Council
He said from January 2024, the Council, with support from the World Health Organisation, would develop a five-year strategic development plan aligned with key sector policies and develop modalities for the common registration examination for both local and foreign trained medical and dental practitioners.

“Additionally, the Ministry of Health with funding support from the World Bank is helping to construct a specialist training centre in line with the Council’s goal to boost local training of doctors and dentists,” he said.

Attitude of professionals
The Chief Director at the Ministry of Health, Alhaji Hafiz Adam expressed worry over the attitude and conduct of some healthcare professionals in terms of negligence improper and unethical behavior which lead to abuse of the power they wield to care for humanity.

“I wish to touch on the issue of attitude and conduct of healthcare professionals. Given the high esteem society holds for healthcare professionals, there is a rightful expectation of a corresponding high standard of professionalism and conduct,” he said.

“Regrettably, often the allure of specialized knowledge and success, if not properly managed, tends to result in bloated egos and inconsiderate conduct and may make one lose his humanity – the capacity to care,” he said.

Alhaji Adam referred to media reports of professional negligence, improper conduct and unethical behavior by doctors, dentists, physician assistants, nurses and pharmacists.

“The very people who openly swore their professional oaths and committed themselves to serve us in our most vulnerable states are now our abusers. This is unacceptable,” he said.

“Mr Chairman, the ministry looks forward to a long working relationship with these newly qualified doctors and dentists but they must remember the oath they took today, the pr-induction lectures in medical professionalism and conduct, professional ethics and medical jurisprudence that Council organized for them and serve our people with diligence, integrity, dedication and respect,” he added.