LGBTQ+ rights cannot be described as fundamental human rights – Advocates for Christ-Ghana

According to the group, LGBTQ+ activities are not rights and cannot be smuggled into the list of human rights.

“There is nowhere that the UN describes these sexual preferences as rights and urged member countries to rectify it as such,” the group argued.

Mr Edem Senanu, the Chairman for Advocates for Christ – Ghana dismissed the description of LGBTQ+ as part of the list of fundamental human rights while speaking on the Human Sexual Right and Family Value bill laid before Parliament and matters arising at a press conference in Accra on Thursday, March 30, 2023.

Responding to a question on Ghana’s anti-LGBTQ+ law at a joint press conference with US Vice President Kamala Harris, President Akufo-Addo said the bill, which is currently before parliament has been modified to take into account the protection of human rights and the feelings of the population and at the end of the process, “I will come in”.

The president told journalists: “First of all we don’t have any such legislation here in Ghana, a bill has been proposed to the Parliament of Ghana which has all kinds of ramifications which are now being considered by the parliament.

“It hasn’t been passed, so the statement that there is legislation in Ghana to that effect is inaccurate. No legislation.

“The bill is going through the parliament, it’s going through the parliament, the Attorney General has found it necessary to speak to the committee about it regarding the constitutionality or otherwise of several of its provisions and the Parliament is dealing with it but at the end of the process, I will come in.”

But Mr Senanu noted that the description of these sexual preferences as fundamental means it must be essential, must be inherent, vital and indispensable.

”These sexual preferences are certainly not indispensable, 80 per cent of Africans are against it”. he said

“There is no basis for describing LGBTQ+ as fundamental human rights,” he added.

He quizzed: ‘If I choose to enjoy drugs then enjoying drugs must become a right?”

He stressed that admission of these sexual preferences portends intolerable injuries to the culture and religious way of life of Ghanaians

“These lifestyles are one we cannot afford in Ghana,” he noted