The Divisional Commander of Ketu South, Chief Superintendent Obrako Sarpong Bempa has responded to Fafaa 100.3 FM’s “URGENT NEED FOR CLARIFICATION” request sent to the division dated, Tuesday the 22nd day of August 2023. The letter from Fafaa 100.3 FM was necessitated by the silence on the part of the security apparatus of Ketu South when the news broke out since the 11th day of August 2023, eleven days after the event, even though the district commander DSP Joseph Nakujah was duly informed before the publication, hence the need to officially communicate to the security agencies.

In his response, the divisional commander invites Fafaa FM through the CEO to assist in investigation. This was contained in a letter dated 23rd August, 2023, and delivered on Friday the 25th day of August, 2023.

The letter was quickly referred to the Director of Investigation and Security of Fafaa 100.3 FM / Duamenefa Foundation, Togbi Bedi Ahadzi, who was the former Volta Regional Commander of the Ghana Police Service (Rtd.) now Director of Fafaa FM’s/ Duamenefa Foundation’s Investigation and Security for a meeting with the police for possible assistance to the police in this regard.


It would be recalled in a publication on the above-captioned news item on Five police officers of the Ketu South Municipality under the Denu Command were allegedly seen between the hours of 2:30 am to 5 am on Thursday the 10th day of August 2023, supervising the loading of substances suspected to be cannabis into a flying boat enroute the Atlantic Ocean to the Republic of Nigeria.

The five suspected police Officers were mentioned as follows :

  1.  Inspector Foster Ahianyevi
  2.  Sgt. Seth Akpalu
  3.  Corporal Kerry Gabienoo
  4.  Corporal Victor Atanda
  5.  Lance Corporal Francis Atatsi

The above-mentioned personnel from the Denu Police Command were alleged to supervised the movement of the substances from the sea shore of Salakorpe- Amutinu behind the school, enroute a flying boat to the republic of Nigeria.

One civilian, a registered member of Fafaa 100.3 Fm’s Duamenefa Foundation volunteers actively participated in loading the boat. He is called Mr. Francis Kumake, the unit committee chairman of Amutinu.

Fafaa FM, interviewed Mr. Kumake and he admitted that they have loaded a flying boat but could not confirm the contents of the substance, he preferred to say it’s either oil or fuel. When asked how can oil or fuel be wrapped and stuck in sacks, he could not tell.

When asked why were police officers supervising the operations, Kumake claimed he saw the policemen from a distance because he was busily discharging water from the boat. He further admitted he was paid for the job, but he could not identify the man who paid him.

Sergent Seth Akpalu was called to respond to the allegations being levelled against them, but he denied knowledge of the operations. Lance Corporal Atatsi also refuted the questions posed to him by Fafaa FM in this regard.

Corporal Kerry Gabienu, Inspector Foster Ahianyevi and Corporal Francis Atanda were not available to respond to the phone calls, even though Fafaa gave an equal opportunity for their right of response, they could not make use of the opportunity since the 11th of August

The alleged owner of the consignment is one Mr. Rasheed, a dealer who is resident in the Ketu South, who was present during the loading and allegedly paid for the services rendered.

Some sources who claimed anonymity claimed that the operational syndicates of the illegal business enroute to Nigeria have been ongoing within that particular spot at least twice every week.

They further stated that other flash points where the movement of the substances has been taking place within the Ketu South are the beaches of Aflao, Adafienu, Adina, Tettekorpe, Moladzakorpe, Salakorpe, Agavedzi, Blekusu, and Xorvi.

They claimed that the movement of the substances across the oceans normally began between the hours of 10 pm through to midnight and dawn on special specific days within each week.

They further alleged that the four officers who were clearly identified used a blue saloon car to partake in the operations, but the Lance Corporal joined his colleagues on his motorcycle. The motorcycle was parked in the dark along the path while the operations lasted.

When the Denu Police Commander DSP Nakujah was contacted by Mr. Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe, the Executive President of the Duamenefa Foundation and CEO of Fafaa FM to respond to the allegations being levelled against his police officers, he told Mr. Evortepe that he would investigate the matter would act accordingly.


Other people claimed on record of anonymity that the operators of the cannabis industry in the Volta and Oti Regions convey their goods from sources such as Nkonya, Dzemeni, Menekorpe, through Kpeve Tornu, Ho, and straight through Ave – Xevi, with diversion to Tadzewu, Akatsi to Aflao enroute to Nigeria with tacit connivance of some senior and junior police officers allegedly.

They lament that the operation require serious intervention from the National Security, the Narcotic Control Board, the BNI and well-meaning Patriotic Police Officers, because the security of the two regions is under severe threat of drug barons.


It now alleged that the syndicate has changed their route, after the news broadcast on Fafaa FM. Other channels such as Awakorme, Keta Dzelukorpe, Woe, Deku beaches now become a focus point of exit through the Atlantic Ocean to Nigeria.

The Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa 100.3 FM has registered over 34,500 volunteers in a space of thirteen years of its operations. Membership cuts across various communities in the Volta Region. One of the core objectives of its volunteers is to network and provide tangible information to aid lawful agencies for investigation and intervention.

Watch out for further development……………….

Source: / news editor in chief

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