Ketu North NDC parliamentary primary ends in a tie

The Ketu North Parliamentary primary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has ended in a tie.

Two candidates, Edem Agbana and John Kobla Adanu polled 358 votes each.

This means that the election will be re-run at a later date.

When the votes were counted after the election, Edem Agbana was leading by one vote of 360 to Adanu’s 359 but an agent called for a recount.

When the ballots were recounted, it was detected that two ballots cast in favour of Edem Agbana and one vote cast in favour of Adanu had not been validated by the Electoral Commission’s stamp at the back.

The three votes were then taken out leaving the two candidates at 358 votes each.

Votes of other contenders in the race are Dr. Donald Agumenu, 210, Tanko, 176, Prosper Yao Ledi, 72, Leonard Nyakpo, 8, and Don Emmanuel Agbanyo, 7.

Rejected votes were 2.