KETU NORTH : Man allegedly Shot nephew dead

Dzodze Fiagbedu and its environs were thrown into a state of shock and disbelief when a gun shot was heard in the premises of one Mr. Atsu Adorvlo.

Mr. Adorvlo’s nephew, Etornam Adorvlo was found lying in a pool of blood in the house of Atsu Adorvlo.

It was an allegation of “Adorvlo kill Adovlo” in the house of Adorvlo, and no report was made to the police.

The victim was instead rushed to the Dzodze St. Anthony’s Hospital where he passed on.

Fafaa 100.3 FM’s investigation revealed that, it took a tip off of a whistle blower to alert the police of the incident. The police moved swiftly to the St. Anthony’s Hospital to discover the dead body of Etornam Adorvlo.

Fafaa 100.3 FM’s investigation further revealed that the police forcibly took custody of the corpse and referred the dead body to the pathologists for an autopsy.

The autopsy result revealed that Etornam Adorvlo died of gunshot wound.

Mr. Atsu Adorvlo, the alleged killer, has been on the run since the day of the incidence.

Mr. Atsu Adorvlo, the Suspect

Some citizens who spoke to Fafaa 100.3 FM, under the condition of anonymity, claimed they were traumatized as a result of the sudden death of the 38 year old energetic young man.

They further claimed that the said Atsu Adorvlo, the alleged killer, recently championed the installation of the former divisional commander of police, Ketu South, as the new paramount chief, dubbed Togbi Dzoku V, of Dzodze Adagbledu under controversial circumstances.

They were wondering if the murder of Etornam was meant for ritual purposes or in the guise of protection against bullet, “traditional bullet proof”, as being alleged.

The question on the lips of these traumatized individuals were, why should an Uncle Adorvlo allegedly kill his nephew Adorvlo with a gun?

Why was the Adorvlo family tight lipped on this strange development? Why was the burial done in such a hurry? Why would the family hide the alleged perpetrator from the police? Who is above the law?

The family, however, surprisingly suceeded in collecting the dead body for burial exactly one week after the bizarre incident.

Etornam Adorvlo

Fafaa FM further carried undercover investigations on members of the family. Some of them disclosed to Fafaa FM that Mr. Atsu Adorvlo, the alleged killer, had been shooting sporadically on the fateful day.

According to the family members, the alleged killer targeted the victim and dealt with him for reasons best known to him. They claimed that senior members of the family are shrouding the incident in secrecy to protect the alleged killer.

They further claimed that the family was sharply divided of recent over land and property matters, and quarrels and threats ensued among some of them.

They further alleged that the suspect called the victim on phone that early morning to his house where he shot him in the chest.

They rushed to the scene and saw the victim lying in his pool of blood.

The following questions are begging for answers: What is the Dzodze police command doing about this heinous crime ?

Where is the suspect hiding at the moment?

Watch out for further development…………

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  1. What time did this things happen and is a great sad 😞 story that happens at Ketu South. Please let’s be careful to ourselves please.Etornam Adorvlo Rest In Peace ✌️ gone but not forgotten.

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