Ketu North: Launching of the Largest Under 17, Sporting Event of the Volta Region

The 2024 edition of the “Duamenefa Regional Tournament”, being sponsored by Tanko Foundation, under the leadership of Hon. Gabriel Kwamigah Tanko Atokple (Togbi Nyaxordeakorla I), considered by sports pundits as the largest “under 17” Regional tournament of the Volta Region has been successfully launched at the forecourt of Fafaa 100.3 FM, Dzodze.

The tournament is an annual event which started in the year 2017 with 46 football teams and 72 marathon racers. 2018 witnessed 77 football teams, 2019 edition recorded 104 football teams. The unexpected advent of COVID19 however placed the tournament on hold between 2020 to 2022. The tournament however returned to full gear in 2022 with 61 football clubs. The 2023 edition registered an overwhelming 115 teams, this saw 115 different communities of the Volta Region lock horns in the field of active soccer.  This year 2024 however have 38 teams for the soccer version, while registration is still ongoing for Volley Ball Teams, Marathon.

The tournament gained popularity among sports enthusiasts in the Volta Region of Ghana. In 2018, the former Volta Regional Director of the National Sports Authority, Mr. Kwame Amponfi Jnr., promoted the tournament from “Super Gala and Marathon” to its present status of “Duamenefa Regional Tournament.” This change was made to reflect the tournament’s growing significance and to emphasize its regional focus. The tournament features a wide range of sporting events, including football, athletics, volleyball, Tug of Peace, and attracts athletes from across the region and the republic of Togo to compete for the coveted title of regional champion.

Code named, “Duamenefa Regional Tournament” it’s an initiative of a private commercial radio station, Fafaa 100.3 FM, Dzodze in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region with its associate Non-Governmental Organization dubbed, Duamenefa Foundation. “Duamenefa” means, let us coexist in peace. The name was derived from a social intervention program of the Duamenefa NGO. The Executive Board of Governors of the Fafaa 100.3 FM’s Duamenefa Foundation were represented by Mamaga Duamenefa I (Rev. Diane Westcott) the International Director of Operations and Administrator, Togbi Bedi Ahadzi, the former Volta Regional Commander of Police and now the Director in Charge of Security, Intelligence and of the Foundation.

Torgbui Bedi Ahadzi IV & Ghana Police Commander, Christian Dogbatsey

The annual tournament is proudly sponsored by Hon. Gabriel Kwamigah Tanko Atokple, (Togbi Nyaxordeakorla I) a business man and an entrepreneur who offered his time, talent and treasures to partner with Fafaa FM’s Duamenefa Regional Tournament for development of youth and sports in the Volta Region. Togbi Nyaxordeakorla I, have become the pivot of financial and logistics support of the tournament

During the 2023 edition of the tournament Togbi Nyaxordeakorla I, (Hon. Gabriel Kwamigah Tanko Atokple), donated a Brand-new Toyota Corola Saloon Car worth Ghc 200,000.00, in addition to Ghc a Brand-New Tricycle worth Ghc 22,000.00, he also paid 50% of the total budget of Ghc 250,000.00.

Hon. Gabriel Kwamigah Tanko Atokple, (Torgbui Nyaxordeakorla I), has expressed his commitment to support the 2024 edition of the tournament from the very beginning to the end at an estimated budget of Ghc 356,000.00.  He has assured the organizers of his resolved to fully extend his support to take care of the estimated budget in the core interest of development of youth and sports in the Volta Region, he has advanced finances in this regard.

During the launch of the 2024 edition of the tournament, the Local Organizing Committee led by the Director of Sports Mr. Patrick Amazing Doamekpor based in the USA, the Head Sports Mr. Wisdom Dovlo together with the Secretary to the LOC Mr. Gilbert Gbittor and other  Executive Members of the Local Organizing Committee collaborates with the Coaches Association of the Volta Region, represented by Mr. Godwin Kuagbela, The Municipal Commander of the Ghana Police Service in person of Superintendent Christian Dogbatsey, and the Referees Association of the Volta Region led by FIFA referee Mr. Paul Atimaka to educate the representatives of all participating clubs on the rules and regulations governing the football fraternity, such as Security, player eligibility, match schedules, and disciplinary actions for rule violations. The resource persons shared their expertise on best practices for fair play and sportsmanship on and off the field. This collaborative effort aimed to ensure that all participating clubs had a clear understanding of the regulations and could compete fairly and safely.

The Executive President of the Duamenefa Foundation and CEO of Fafaa FM, Mr. Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe, used the occasion to commend the efforts of the main sponsor of the tournament Togbi Nyaxordeakorla I) Hon. Gabriel Kwamigah Tanko Atokple, according to the Executive President, the marriage between Tanko Foundation and the Duamenefa Foundation was heavenly inspired in the interest of humanity. “How do we foot all these bills, how can we achieve all these results in the interest of the Volta Region, if not for the divine intervention of Hon. Tanko Gabriel Kwamigah Atokple (Togbi Nyaxordeakorla I)? God indeed have plan for the Volta Region through selected vessels of honor like Togbi Nyaxordeakorla I.  The CEO prayed for continuous heavenly provision for the main sponsor.

According to the Executive President of the Duamenefa Foundation, ever since the inception of the tournament eight years ago, the primary objective, which is to unearth the hidden talents embedded in the youths and to market same to international scouting agents is being realized annually. Promotion of the local players to the next level of division one, two and three is also being realized annually. Promotion of local athletics to participate in National Marathon event is also being achieved through collaboration with the National Sports Authority.

He commends the efforts of the central and local organizing committees, under the able leadership of the Director of Sports Mr. Patrick Amazing Doamekpor, the National Sports Council, Referees Association of Ghana, the Ghana Football Association, the Ghana Police Service, and the over 40,645 registered and certified volunteers of the Duamenefa Foundation for their continuous support.

The 2024 edition is bid to kick start on the 4th day of May, 2024 till the 7th September 2024.

Watch out for further development. ……….

Source: / news editor in chief