Irresponsible parenting caue of children involvement in galamsey – Sheikh Aremeyaw Shaibu

Commenting on a viral video of some children of schoolgoing age caught indulging in galamsey in Asankragua in the Western North Region, the Sheikh stated that children are the seed of generations, and therefore, when children are reduced to this level, survival of a community and a whole nation is cut off.

”These children grow up to become irresponsible due to the training they were given,” he asserted.

“As he goes then he reaches a point where he becomes a father, he sleeps with a woman and these are the people I call sex driven parents. That’s why we have irresponsible families, through sex adventure he gives birth so he doesn’t even know what it means to be a parent,” Sheikh Aremeyaw posited.

He suggested that sociologists and religious organisations work hand in hand to address how one can grow to become a responsible parent.

Sheikh Aremeyaw stated that parents are shepherds, and they stand accountable before God for how their children are cared for because children are God’s property. He expressed confidence, saying that when we have good children, we have a good nation.

In a disappointed voice, he retorted that “irresponsible parenting are a danger and a threat to a nation”.