How husband’s death, children being sacked from school forced a woman into prostitution

But this help was short-lived as her friend informed her she could no longer provide consistent support for her at a time all her children had been sent out of school due to her failure to pay their fees.

It was at this point her friend revealed that she’s been a prostitute all this while and asked her to consider joining the trade.

With no help in sight, Lucy who says she got married at the young age of 18, decided to go into prostitution for the survival of her family.

In a conversation with Kafui Dey on the GTV Breakfast Show, Lucy who says she started prostitution about six months ago, spoke about her first experience as a prostitute.

“The first time I slept with someone for money so lucky for me, I met a good man, gentle, quiet and he treats me well and he even gave me more than what I charged,” she said.

Despite making some money from the trade, she said she was shy to stand by the roadside selling her body for money, adding that she was and is still scared anytime she goes out to find clients.

“I’m scared because you don’t know the people you’re sleeping with but because of money… a lot of girls cry a lot,” she noted.

She however said there are times one can make good money from the trade once you get a good client.

“This job it’s not about a lot of people sleeping with you before you get money, you can meet one person and you will be ok the whole night… then you can be in your house for about two weeks because you can settle your bills, your children’s school fees.”

Her biggest fear is her family, especially her children, finding out about what she does for a living, as such she plans of quitting as soon as possible.

“I don’t want them to know so I pray that one day god will help me and answer my prayers then I’ll get what I need then I’ll leave because I don’t intend to do this job for the rest of my life.

“You have to get something to do because if you do not get some work or a shop and you get something in your account you will go and you will come back. The moment the money is finished you’ll think that let me go back after all I have some place let me go and stand there,” he said.

Lucy noted that she’ll be shocked by any prostitute who will confidently say she is not ashamed of selling her body for money.

Listen to the full conversation with Kafui Dey below;


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