Ghana Police nab suspects transporting allegedly stolen rail tracks and steel sleepers

The Ghana Police Service has arrested two individuals in connection with the alleged theft of rail tracks and steel sleepers belonging to the Ghana Railway Development Authority.

The suspects, identified as Ibrahim John and Bashiru Ibrahim, were apprehended while transporting the items to Ferro Frabrik Ltd. yard in Tema.

The suspects claimed that their company had been contracted by the Ministry of Railway Development to transport the items.

However, officials from the company were not present at the time of the arrest, and have been asked by the Police to report to the Police to assist with the investigation.

The Police in a post on Facebook said the Ministry of Railway Development has also been contacted, and officials from the Ministry are expected to meet with Police tomorrow to provide further information and assistance with the ongoing investigation.

In addition, three DAF trucks that were being used to transport the stolen items have been impounded and parked at the National Police Training School.

This action was taken due to the size of the trucks, and they will remain there until the investigation is complete.

The theft of railway tracks and sleepers is a serious offense, and the Ghana Police Service is urging anyone with information about this case to come forward and provide any relevant details.

The Police said it was committed to bringing those responsible for this crime to justice and will continue to investigate until all facts are uncovered.


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