Ghana Nurse Midwife Trainees Association issues ultimatum to govt over arrears

The Ghana Nurse Midwife Trainees Association (GNMTA) has issued an ultimatum to the Ministry of Health to settle all outstanding arrears owed to its members by December 8, 2023.

The Association in a statement expressed gratitude for the partial payment of two months’ worth of arrears but was disappointed that the full amount owed, covering seven months, was not disbursed.

GNMTA President Adumbisa Pascal said the discrepancy between the promised and paid amounts raised concerns about the transparency and efficiency of the financial processes involved.

The Association warned that if the remaining five months’ arrears are not paid by the stipulated deadline, it will be forced to explore alternative avenues to address the matter.

“We seek a fair and expeditious resolution that upholds the integrity of the commitments made to our members,” Pascal said.

He urged the Ministry of Health to take decisive action to ensure that trainee nurses and midwives receive the timely and just compensation they deserve.


GNMTA has been engaged in discussions with the Ministry of Health over the payment of arrears for over two years. In October 2023, the Association was assured that financial clearance had been granted to the Controller and Accountant General for the disbursement of the full amount owed.

However, only two months’ worth of arrears were paid, leaving GNMTA members frustrated and disappointed.

The Association’s ultimatum comes as the Ghanaian government is facing increasing pressure from various groups over unpaid allowances and salaries.