Fafaa 100.3 FM’s Duamenefa Foundation Social Intervention Program has successfully intervened and brought peace and reconciliation to some aggrieved members of the Seade family of Klikor- Avlorto in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta region.

The intervention follows a petition to the Executive President of the Duamenefa Foundation Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe by one Mad. Aku Seade in which the petitioner bitterly alleged that one Aunty Gbekle, also a member of the Seade family, alongside one “Torbokor” Korku Gafah for spiritual manipulation and orchestration to inflict madness and untimely deaths of other members of the family.

The petitioner alleged that Aunty Gbekle with the aid of “Torbokor” Korku Gafah had buried a “spiritual sacrifice” in the family house which was responsible for the many mischievous happenings in the family.

“The implications of the sacrifice is heavily hurting the family members – people are dying in the family and others are getting mentally derailed – family members have had to walk barefooted from their places of abode back home without recourse”, the petition read in part.

The petitioner Mad. Aku Seade and both defendants Aunty Gbekle and Torbokor Korku Gafah were also in attendance at the arbitration which came off on Friday January 13.

Indeed, the Duamenefa Social Intervention in the matter and the subsequent public hearing on the matter could best be described as highly successful as the aggrieved parties were reconciled and peace restored to the family and affected persons.

It was also established at the arbitration that the accusations levelled against the defendants in the petition were unfortunate and unfounded and the feuding parties were all prevailed upon to live together in peace and harmony.

Indeed, the amicable resolution of the above issue of the Seade family, brings to 572 the total number of interventions and reconciliations of hitherto antagonistic spiritual conflicts that have successfully been tackled by the Duamenefa Social Intervention Program over the years.

The Executive President of the Duamenefa Foundation, architects of the Social Intervention Program in an interview said “We give God all the glory for the strength and courage to deal with all these spiritual conflicts successfully and to be able to restore peace and tranquility to the many people who, but for these interventions, would still be suffering at the hands of the “wicked” and the forces of darkness” Ketaman said.

He expressed hope that the Foundation will continue to support the vulnerable in society through its Social Intervention Program “even as the Lord grants us the strength in the coming years to ensure a Peaceful coexistence in society”, he concluded.

The Duamenefa Foundation has over 31,000 registered and certified volunteers within and outside Ghana. Its volunteers are mandated to collaborate with lawful agencies to investigate and intervene to set free the vulnerable of human rights abuse.

Source: Duamenefa Foundation