District Level Elections: Biometric technology will prevent double voting, electoral fraud – EC

Ghana’s Electoral Commission says it will use today’s District Level Elections (DLEs) to roll out new technologies it intends to implement in the 2024 election.

EC Chairperson, Jean Mensa said the new verification system would prevent double voting and electoral fraud.

Over 66,000 individuals are contesting for various positions in District Assemblies across the country.

Mrs. Mensa, therefore, urged electorates not to fall foul of the law.

“The biometric technology makes it difficult for a person who has been verified and cast their vote to come a second time. Because once you have been verified, it goes into the system, and you cannot come back a second time.”

“So you can try it if you wish at this election. Of course, it will be deemed an electoral offence, but because of biometric technology, your facial features are recognized, or your fingerprints are recognized, you cannot go a second time,” she said.

Source: citinewsroom.com