Dadease Police brutality victim recounts how he was hanged, beaten with machete after being dragged

A young man who became a victim of police brutality in Dadease, located in the Sekyere Kumawu District of the Ashanti region, has narrated his harrowing experience following his arrest.

The incident, captured on a viral video on Wednesday, July 26, 2023, showed the suspect (now turned victim) allegedly resisting arrest, leading the police officer to tie a belt around his neck, drag him on the floor, and transport him to the police station using a tricycle.

The shocking video has sparked widespread condemnation, prompting the police administration to interdict the involved officer. They have assured the victim’s family that a thorough investigation into the matter will be conducted.

In the interview with Citi FM, the victim, who bore visible marks on his body, made serious allegations against the police. He claimed that after arriving at the police station, officers hanged, tasered and subjected him to beatings with a machete.

He recounted, “The police officer tried arresting me, and I told him to leave me alone since I had not done anything wrong. He tied a belt around my neck and dragged me on the floor. Upon arriving at the police station, they handcuffed me and hit me with a machete multiple times. They hanged me at the police station. They later took me to Kumawu police station and subsequently to the Mampong police command yesterday, where the officer who beat me was also detained. After taking me to the hospital, I have now been granted bail.”

When asked about the reason for his arrest, the victim explained, “I took iron rods from my master, but when he asked me about it a month ago, he cautioned me not to do that again, and that was the end of the matter. So I don’t know why I was arrested again this time around.”

Following intervention by the Inspector General of Police, the victim has been taken to the hospital and granted bail on Friday afternoon.

The individual in question, who is both a victim and a suspect, has been accused of stealing iron rods and a car battery.

In response to the disturbing video, the police released a statement confirming the interdiction of the officer involved in the incident. They have assured the victim’s family that a thorough investigation will be conducted to address the matter.