Covid-19 has become whipping boy for your reckless economic management – Mahama to government

Former President John Dramani Mahama says the nation is currently in an economic crisis.

A crisis, he believes, cannot be blamed on the Covid-19 pandemic, but what he refers to as a “reckless economic management” supervised by the NPP government since 2017.

Mr Mahama on Monday joined the NDC’s Professionals Forum lecture series on the topic “The State of Ghana’s Economy-The Scorecard”.

The lecture was delivered by former Finance Minister Seth Terkper.

Mr Terkper, during his presentation, argued that the NDC administration left a stable economy with multiple streams of income and not an economy in a bad state.

Mr Mahama addressed the gathering after Mr Terkper launched a scathing attack on government’s handling of the economy.

He insisted that government now cites Covid-19 as the whipping boy for the current state of the economy.

The 2020 NDC presidential candidate insisted that just like Covid-19 deals seriously with persons with underlying conditions, its impact has been devastating because of the bad economic management.

He continued that Ghana’s Debt has ballooned to unsustainable levels, forcing government to use tax revenues to service debts.

Government, he said, has neglected calls by people like himself to hold a forum to seek alternate views on how to save the economy from collapse.

Mr Mahama alleged that the nation is currently experiencing unprecedented levels of corruption, a situation that can only be dealt with if this government is voted out to enable another to hold the present appointees accountable.