Coconut Seller killed by lightning in Ho identified as family consults oracles

By Jones Anlimah

Body of the Coconut Seller, Master Emmanuel Torli, struck dead by thunder and lightning that accompanied rains in the Ho Municipality of the Volta region on Monday, May 30, 2022 has been left at the scene unattended for several hours after the incident. GBC News learnt that the victim’s body is unattended for fear that whoever touched the body would incur the wrath of the gods, precisely the ‘Nogokpo gods’.

Master Emmanuel Torli met his untimely death when thunder and lightning that accompanied a brief rainfall in the Ho Municipality of the Volta region struck him dead. Two other victims who survived were picked and sent to hospital for treatment leaving the dead person.

Several hours after the incident a visit to the scene revealed that the body was at the scene unattended. It had been covered with leaves.

Passersby made whistle stops to catch a glimpse of the dead person.

Indigenes believe that the manner of death is suspicious. Hence sparking superstitious beliefs that the deceased may have been selling stolen coconut, hence the punishment meted by the ”Nogokpo gods”.

GBCONLINE learnt that the victim’s body is therefore left to its fate, because of fears of the ‘Nogokpo gods’ and that some rituals needed to be performed on the body to pacify the gods and fortify the family.

Family Members (Mother and Brother) of the deceased confirmed to Journalists that a delegation has since been dispatched to the Nogokpo Shrine for consultation on the necessary rites to be performed.

Meanwhile, Officers of the Municipal Environmental and Sanitation Agency say they would not touch the body without the necessary rites and permission from the families.

They have however expressed their willingness to collaborate with the family to ensure that the necessary rights are performed before the body would be conveyed to the appropriate place as far as Best Environmental Health practices are concerned.