Chiefs, Queen-mothers from Taviefe Traditional Area Pay Courtesy Call on Anlo Traditional Council

A delegation of Chiefs and Queen mothers from the Taviefe Traditional area in the Ho Municipality has paid a courtesy call on the Awoamefia, Torgbui Sri III and the Anlo state at Anloga in the Anloga district of the Volta region.

The visiting delegation was welcomed by Torgbui Agbesi Awusu II, the Awadada of Anlo state and a retinue of chiefs and queens who led them through the sacred “Agorwowornu” (traditional reconciliation) shrine of the people of the Anlo state.

Speaking at a brief ceremony held in honour of the delegation at the palace of the Awormefia, leader of the delegation, Torgbui Kofi Dzorkporse VIII, Mankrado of Taviefe and acting president of the Taviefe Traditional area said the visit was a novel one aimed at tracing back the roots of the Taviefe people who per the history of the EWE people, were originally indigenes of Anlo land but migrated to settle in their present location due to certain occurrences over a century ago.

The Taviefe Mankrado revealed that the people of Taviefe had since time immemorial being relegated to the background by their Asogli counterparts when it comes to the celebration of traditional festivals and other related activities as “we were always portrayed as not part of that traditional area but ‘aliens’ from Anlo”, he said.

“We are often referred to as ’Anlo-wedomeawo’ and so we saw that as an opportunity to trace back out roots and to identify with our brethren in Anlo land”, the Mankrado said.

He appealed to the Awormefia, Torgbi Sri III to use his high position as father of the Anlo state to intervene in resolving some misunderstandings hampering the forward march of Taviefe Traditional area so as to ensure the peace and development of the area.

The Awormefia, Torgbui Sri III praised the delegation and the people of Taviefe for remembering and tracing back their roots.

He admitted that the Anlo people were aware of their brethren domiciled in Taviefe and welcomed them back to the “motherland”

Torgbui Sri III assured the delegation of his readiness to intervene in the misunderstandings as appealed and to ensure that peace prevailed among all “my children”.

The delegation presented one big white ram and some assorted local and foreign drinks to the Awormefia and the Anlo land as a way of paying homage to their origin.

The visiting delegation was made up of:

  1. Torgbui Kofi Dzorkporse VIII, Mankrado and acting president of Taviefe traditional area
  2. Torgbui Amoni VII, Dufia of Taviefe Aviefe
  3. Torgbui Akpanya III, Dufia of Taviefe Avedome
  4. Torgbui Anku TsikataII, Afetorfia- Taviefe Avenya
  5. Torgbui Amegadzi Vudzi IV, Dufia of Taviefe Dremel
  6. Torgbui Adzoe II, Dufia of Taviefe Dzefe(Awafiaga of Taviefe traditional area)
  7. Torgbui Klimadzefia IV (Mankrado of Taviefe Aviefe)
  8. Torgbui Golo II (Clan chief Aviefe)
  9. Zikpuitor Agbefordo, Taviefe Dremel
  10. Afenumetsitsie Kwesi Hayibor, Head/Zikpuitor, royal clan Avenya Atsiatsi
  11. Mama Serwa Fenu III, Dutor Nyornufia of Taviefe traditional area
  12. Sybilla Deikuma, Fianor of Taviefe Deme
  13. Tsiame Kugblenu, Taviefe Dremel
  14. Mama Agoe II, Nyornufia, Taviefe Aviefe
  15. Tsyofo Mute, Agbotadua of Taviefe
  16. Mama Yabani, Nyornufia of Avenya
  17. Asafofiga Charles Addo
  18. Hon Courage Aborta, Assemblyman, Taviefe electoral area.

Whiles the host Chiefs comprised of:

  1. Torgbui Sri III, The Awormefia of Anlo State
  2. Zikpuitor H. E Dan Abodakpui
  3. Torgbui AGBESI AWUSU II
  4. Agbotadua Kumassah
  5. Torgbui Gbordzor III paramount chief Wego Traditional area
  6. Torgbui Tengey Dzokoto Gligui VII Amugo Wego Traditional area
  7. Torgbui Ahiabor Gamor VI paramount chief of Ave Havi
  8. Torgbui Adogo Agbalekpor VI Ave Xevi
  9. Torgbui Bedie Ahadzi IV
  10. Torgbui Satsiakor III
  11. Torgbui Zewu IV Dufia of Anloga
  12. Torgbui Sobo II of Anloga
  13. Torgbui Awunor Afla Detu VIIII of Aflao
  14. Torgbui Hatsu III of Dzita

Source: Duamenefa Foundation