Blame the state for allowing Agradaa to scam church members – Dr Surugu Musah

United Nations(UN) Fellow Dr Justice Issah Surugu Musah has argued that the state must be blamed for failing to stop self-styled preacher Patricia Asiedua (Agradaa) from defrauding members of his church.

In a social media post on the issue, Dr Surugu Musah, who has expertise in Public Administration, noted that the state failed to execute its social mandate of protecting the vulnerable in society for whose welfare there exists a social contract.

“Because too weak and so strong (lions) live together in our society we formed a social contract state to ensure a functional system where all are equal and protected.

The state must be blamed for the failure to implement social contact and not the weak AGRADAA duped.

In summary, we still live in a state of nature where cannibalism and the lion remain the uncontrolled king in society. We will all perish together…,” he wrote.

Patricia Asiedua is alleged to have defrauded members of her church and many others who throng her church to get their money doubled upon hearing her advertise on television.

She allegedly took the hefty sums from the people during an all-night church service last Friday and by yesterday, failed to fulfil her promise of doubling or tripling the money she had collected.

The aggrieved persons then protested at the church premises, during media attention to their plight.

While many blame the victims of the alleged scam for being greedy, Dr Surugu Musah thinks the state failed to protect them, especially with the knowledge of their previous unscrupulous activities of hers.