Bagbin’s new look gets social media talking as Parliament resumes sitting

If the controversial E-Levy had been re-introduced to Parliament today, it may have been the only thing dividing the House because the Speaker’s new outfit has the MPs’ unanimous support.

On Tuesday, Speaker Alban Bagbin ditched his usual ceremonial outfit on opening day for more indigenous wear.

Bagbin's new look gets social media talking as Parliament resumes sitting

For social media users who had been greeted by this sudden change, the switch was hard to miss.

Some weeks ago, Mr Bagbin announced that he would only be using the Speaker’s cloak for ceremonial occasions this year as part of his commitment to change the dress code and code of conduct of MPs.

Mr Bagbin has stayed true to his word.

He was seen in his seat today, clad in kente cloth over a white lace shirt and a crown as he regulated the sitting of the House.

The combination looks typical of the costume Ewe chiefs wear at key traditional functions.

“From now on, I want to see our members appear in parliament decently adorned in traditional dress,” he said to the agreement of the house.

South Dayi MP, Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpo has already described the speaker as looking radiant.

“The Radiance of the King: the new look of the Rt. Hon. Speaker, the Hon. ASK Bagbin,” he wrote on Twitter.

Here’s how some Ghanaians on social media received the new look.


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