Alleged notorious female thief arrested in Kasoa, made to clean gutters

According to a UTV news report, the woman had been caught several times robbing residents of Kasoa, but the police always release her anytime she is handed over to them with the excuse that she is a mother of three.

She was once arrested with her husband for stealing, but she was released to take care of her children while her spouse was jailed for 9 years.

The report indicated that the residents, this time around, decided to punish the accused thief first before handing her over to the police.

The woman was caught after she tried to rob a provision shop around the Kasoa Budumbura area on Sunday, March 12, 2023.

The modus operandi of the woman, the report said, is that she goes to a shop pretending to buy items and, at the blind side of the shopkeeper, steals as many provisions as she can, which she puts in a huge bag and gets away on a waiting motorbike.

Unfortunately for the woman, the motor rider abandoned her after people started pursuing them.

She was made to clean the gutters for hours until she was rescued by some personnel of the Ghana Police Service.

Watch the news report below:


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